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Brain Spice aims to facilitate innovation and help breakthroughs become businesses with emerging technology consulting, product development, and research commercialization services.




We value diversity as a strength. Our team consists of the brightest minds at the intersection of art, technology, storytelling, and strategy, and our diverse backgrounds help us to see problems and their potential solutions from every angle.  


As a driven group of candid collaborators, we utilize an internal feedback and continuous revision process that pushes us to iterate and improve our work from concept to delivery. 


Artistic and intellectual curiosity are cornerstones of our business. We actively share experiments and collectively explore new techniques and stretch our skills. 



We are all born gamers, and playing is the most natural way to learn. Our team harnesses the power of gamification to connect a sense of joy, wonder, and achievement to our products and services. 

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Who are we and how did we get here?

Brain Spice is a woman-owned, neurodivergent-owned small business based in New Orleans, Louisiana - but we didn't start out that way.

Read on about the winding road that led us to where we are now - with recurring themes of emerging technology, creativity, innovation, and product development.

  • 2011

    Matt Udvari, filmmaker, technologist, and former AAA game designer founded the firm as Part Time Evil, LLC (PTE) .

    In early days, PTE was a small team in Austin, Texas building mobile games and experimenting with 360 video and virtual reality when both were brand new to the market.

    Matt Udvari

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  • 2012 - 2018

    The team took on consulting work and for-hire projects in innovative technological spaces as demand grew and the consumer mobile gaming field became crowded.

    PTE created and maintained immersive, animated, 3D, and gamified products and experiences across all app stores and hardware devices to meet client needs, with a focus on emerging technologies and storytelling.

  • 2019

    PTE was approached and hired by a variety of clients in the healthcare and R&D space, including a global pharmaceutical company and multiple university research departments.

    PTE utilized an empathy-based and human-centered design approach to product development. The most successful products often include elements of behavioral and psychological analysis, behavior modification, education, and motivation assisted by gamification.

  • 2020 - 2022

    Udvari spun off a technology company focused on automating 3D real-time animation and brought in Molly Roux, an engineer, artist, and previous management consultant to lead PTE.

    In the following years, PTE had several digital therapeutic and mobile health successes, including a mobile AR training application localized to app stores in 16 countries, a suite of VR applications aimed at adolescent trauma response and emotion regulation, and several smoking-cessation and alcohol-use reduction mobile apps that continue to be evaluated in research studies.

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  • 2023 - Present

    On January 1, 2023, the ownership transition became complete as Roux purchased 100% of the company from Udvari.

    Building on the experience the team had working with research institutions and commercial product development, we began offering additional services in this space.

    Finally, a rebrand to Brain Spice Labs was completed better reflect our ongoing work in emerging technology, innovation facilitation, research commercialization, and product development.


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Molly Roux
Owner & CEO
Audit and Workshop Lead

Molly Roux

Product Management
Quality Assurance Lead

April Nuñez

Concept Artist
Visualization Lead

Siri Martir

Experience Design
Technical Development

Brendan Hutchins

Product Management
Focus Group Lead

Perla Perez

Technical Development

Elwin Lee

Raina New
3D Visualization
3D Modeling

Raina Patel

Spatial Audio
Sound Design

Patrick Bueno


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