Unleash Your R&D Potential With an Innovation Audit

Researcher wearing an XR headset

Transform research into revenue with a strategic innovation audit.

Uncover hidden opportunities, optimize processes, and accelerate the pace of both core research and commercialization returns.

Why would we need an innovation audit?


  • Few patents filed or licenses issued.

  • Few tech transfer (SBIR / STTR) grants received.

  • Diminishing overall revenue from licenses or royalties.

  • Difficulty attracting top research talent or funding research teams.


  • New leadership looking to understand the current state of affairs.

  • Changing funding landscape or increases in R&D expenses (Who moved my cheese?).

  • Competitor analysis suggests peer organizations are eating your lunch.

  • New or expanded focus areas, schools, or departments.

Internal or External

  • Complaints about lack of support or resources for R&D or commercialization.

  • Complaints from corporate or institutional commercialization partners..

  • Gap in Phase II SBIR/STTR funding due to missed deadlines.

  • Concerns voiced by stakeholders including alumni, donors, or legislators.

An Innovation Audit is a deep dive into your team's ability to identify and act on opportunities.

A comprehensive assessment and actionable recommendations will provide benefits to your institution, department, or organization immediately and for years to come.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Find research projects with commercial potential.

Optimize Processes

Streamline your tech transfer workflows and decision-making.

Improve Researcher Engagement

Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Attract Funding

Identify potential funding sources and partnerships.

Maximize ROI

Ensure your research investments generate the greatest possible impact.


What happens during an innovation audit?

The process outlined here shows a common pathway, but the full scope of an innovation audit varies based on your organization, current state, needs, and goals. 


  • Consultation

    + Review overarching goals

    + Define scope

    + Identify key stakeholders

  • Data Gathering

    + In-depth interviews

    + Documentation

    + IP portfolio 

    + Current R&D activity and funding 

    + Process mapping

  • Analysis

    + Common interview themes and pain points

    + Benchmark data of competitors / similar institutions

    + Current processes for critical activities including ideation, funding, IP protection, and licensing.

  • Report Compilation

    + Actionable recommendations

    + Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

    + Identification of high-potential research projects

  • Presentation of Findings

    + High-level findings presented in person or virtually

    + Cost & expected impact of recommended actions

    + Full detailed report for reference

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