AR Medical Device Training

easyPod AR

Medical Instruction More Engaging Than Ever

As a partner of Quantum Interface, PTE designed and built an AR app for a global pharmaceutical company. The app has transformed medical device training by using augmented reality, 3D animation, gamification, and storytelling to help patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers learn how to properly operate the device. The app’s fun, interactive, and world-scale 3D experiences help users improve treatment awareness, adherence, and engagement and retain key instructional messaging. The app has now become a part of many healthcare providers’ tool kits and is used to onboard new patients and supplement existing patient training.

Meet Zen!

As the primary user base is made up of children, we knew we needed a way to keep kids engaged as they progressed through the app. Enter Zen, a cute, lovable creature, and the face of the app. Zen not only shows you how to use the app and delivers important messaging, but he also grows and takes new forms as you complete lessons.

Successfully completing a quiz at the end of a lesson earns you coins, which can then be redeemed for accessories to dress up Zen or alternate skins. This level of gamification has proven engaging with kids, and gives them an anchor around which to center their learning experience.

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