VR Experiences: Cubism Review

An Addicting & Challenging VR Puzzle Game

Cubism by Cubism VR is another game where once you start, you can’t ever stop. This is even more simplistic and minimalist than Puzzling Places , but it’s still a delightful playthrough of an addicting game. I grew up building lots of puzzles (I enjoy constructing a good jigsaw puzzle set), and I also like solving mind-bending puzzles, specifically in 3D. With all that in mind, Cubism scratches an itch that no other game really has other than Puzzling Places . It also seems to be receiving updates.

Cubism features hand tracking and a passthrough option , where you can see your living room as you build the 3D puzzles. The music was also quite enjoyable , being a simple piano song that set a chill mood for the game. Whenever a piece is sticking out of place, the game alerts you by flashing the piece with a highlight as well as a simple piano note. If you throw the pieces too far, they boomerang back to you. Once you complete the puzzle, it becomes a singular note in the menu that can be played back along with the other completed levels, forming a simple melody.

Final Thoughts

For $10, Cubism ’s price is very reasonable. I also like its hand tracking – this function has definitely gotten better over the years. I’ve been playing this game for a few hours now and I still haven’t completed it yet, so it offers quite a bit of content. Some of the puzzles are genuinely difficult and take me a while to wrap my head around, causing me to take my time and visualize the different pieces in my head. For those out there who love challenging puzzles, I recommend this game.

— Brendan Hutchins, Developer

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