International Sizzle Videos

Goal One: Sizzle Video Showcasing Device


As long-time partners of Merck, we were asked to create a short and punch marketing video for their easypod device. Our mission was to help with Merck’s global branding and overall business strategy by delivering a snappy video they could use to show off the device and the suite of apps available to patients, including the AR app .

The Challenge

With this video, we had to overcome the perception that the easypod is a complicated device.

The device is also used globally, which meant the video needed to be produced in a way that allowed content to be translated and edited rather simply.

The Result

We produced an attention-grabbing video with 3D imagery and exciting graphics that helped with the promotion of the medical device. The sizzle video highlights the three most important points our clients wanted to get across:

  • This is an innovative device.
  • The device and associated apps help patients stay on treatment.
  • The device and apps are easy to use.

This has made the video useful across various audiences, including key account managers, nurses, caregivers, and potential patients.

Goal Two: Translation and Localization

After receiving approval on the initial video in English, requests came in for videos localized to countries where the device and AR app are available to patients. To date the video has been translated into over ten languages and has been modified over time to include other localizations including specific device features, accessories, and regulatory language.

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