Between Spaces Film

We are Storytellers

PTE Studios, an offshoot of Brain Spice, is a group of playwrights, artists, engineers, and producers who are passionate about transporting viewers to new worlds by sharing stories of humanity and eliciting real emotions through real-time filmmaking and immersion.

We blended the latest VR technologies with the art and process of filmmaking. With the rapid advancement of VR hardware, we believe that there exists an big appetite for novel and nuanced immersive storytelling. We developed proprietary tools and invented new processes for 3D CG filmmaking. These innovations allowed us to rapidly iterate scene by scene to achieve a truly immersive VR story experience that transports our audience to a new reality.

Our short film, Between Spaces, uses interactivity in VR to further deepen the viewer's connection to the story.

Told from a first-person perspective, the film takes you through one family's journey through loss, grief, and a fantastical view of what's possible after life.


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