AR Product Launch Event

A Brand Driven Augmented Reality Experience

We partnered with Mer Events, Sparks and Adidas Golf to design an immersive and interactive AR experience to promote the game-changing Adidas CodeChaos golf shoe line at the annual PGA Merchandise Show.

Show attendees were tasked with ‘unleashing the chaos’ in an immersive 3D environment that highlighted the features of the shoe. Once they successfully completed a fun AR scavenger hunt game, attendees were rewarded with a chance of winning a pair of the new shoes.



As always, communication and efficiency were of the essence on this project as three teams came together to deliver a tradeshow experience that lived up to the Adidas brand. With the PGA show only two months away from the project kickoff, we quickly iterated, settling on an AR game in which the user was tasked with locating six glyphs inspired by the shoe sole’s lugs. Successfully finding them all granted users a chance to win a pair of the newly announced golf shoes. As they progressed through the game, users learned about the shoe’s three key features: Waterproof Performance, Boost Technology, and Twist Grip Lugs.

Despite tight deadlines, logistical challenges posed no threat to our team as we coordinated with the San Diego Adidas team. We received a shipment of 12 iPad Pros to our Austin office to deploy and QA the app, and then shipped them back out to their final destination in Orlando in time for the event.

Concept Development

The PGA Merchandise Show

It all came together in an impressive trade show exhibition executed on site by Mer Events and Sparks. 

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