Nautical Themed Event Hype Video

For the fourth time we collaborated with Molina Healthcare and Russell Harris Event Group to create a HYPE video to kick off an event.

The theme for this year was “Open Waters: Charting the Course,” and the goal of the video was to provide valuable context to the event attendees for this year’s event and of course, get them pumped up and ready to participate. The theme brief provided included both classical and serene elements associated with a nautical theme as well as upbeat and adventurous elements.

Our Solution?


We created a branded 3D ship as well as other 3D branded details scattered throughout the environment. In addition to the scenery we worked on the content flow, scripting, and storyboards to put emphasis on the growth that Molina is experiencing. We started with one main ship and as the video progresses we start seeing more and more ships join the fleet, each one representing an area of growth. State flags are also visible on land along the journey.


While our artists and developers worked on the branded 3D assets, custom imagery, and animation throughout, we also knew the audio would need special attention. Our immersive sound designer took the brief and came up with a variety of mixes and song choices for the team and client to review. The cherry on top of every video is the voiceover and as usual, our voice artist Shefali blew this one out of the water. ;)


Watch the video now and let us know what you think:

Nautical themed hype video created to kick off the 2022 annual sales conference and enrollment season


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