3D Immersive Training Game

Gamified Sales Process

We collaborated with Molina HealthCare to help create a fun and alternative way to help with their training program. The purpose was to showcase their 8-step process of selling in a creative way to help new trainees retain the key information of each important step. The Molina team plans to continue to use 3D experiences to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The Experience

The user is brought to a beautiful outdoor scene, where they discover an ancient portal missing some of its gemstones. The goal of the experience is to find and place the gemstones in the correct slot. Once the gemstone is placed in the slot, the portal activates and presents the key points from each of the 8 steps.

As the participant progresses through the steps, they also move up the mountain until they reach the peak. This serves as a visual display of their progress. Upon reaching the last step and placing the final gem in its slot, the scene shakes and all the gems fall to the ground. At this point, the user is challenged to place all the gemstones (each representing one of the 8 steps) in the correct order.

But the challenge doesn’t end there. Once the user successfully places all the gemstones in the correct slot, they are tested to see how well they remember the key takeaways presented in each step.

Key Takeaways

Research has shown that by including games in learning, people retain more information. We also used colors and scenery to bridge connections between the steps and which part of the mountain they were located. Adding this element helps users learn and memorize the key points with visual cues.

Molina employees shared that the game was a breath of fresh air and a fun thing to incorporate into their new employee training program. We are continuing to make updates and changes to make the training experience even better!

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