3D Interactive Product Intro

Product Description in a 3D App

We set out to create a 2 to 3-minute experience for Disruptive Technologies, designed to help show off their data sensors to potential customers and at upcoming trade shows.

The interactive experience was created for PC and mobile across multiple browsers using PlayCanvas. We created a low-poly environment with a clean aesthetic, using Disruptive Technologies’ brand colors in the design.

User Experience

The user is tasked with navigating the city and finding the pulsating sensor icons. Five sensor interactions highlight the different types of sensor applications:


  • Energy efficiency & sustainability
  • Workplace health & wellbeing
  • Desk occupancy
  • Smart cleaning
  • Feedback & service

Case examples are scattered in different buildings across the cityscape. Each example has its own call to action button redirecting the user to the main site, where more detailed information is provided.

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